Crescent UltraLite


One of the most important features with any fishing kayak is the shape and design of the hull—something we here at Crescent take great pride in. We were always paddlers before fishermen, so a good paddling kayak was a must. The patented hull design commands the water from flat to moving, allowing you to fight the fish instead of the kayak.


The UltraLite features ample storage options for a Throw-And-Go kayak. The front hatch can easily hold your rain jacket or bag with an adjustable bungee system that is perfect for holding your PFD. At the stern, the YakAttack Gear Tracks allow you to easily customize your bungee position and the four pad-eyes allow for more mounting options.


The cockpit design on the UltraLite is one of our favorite features—nice and open—a fisherman's dream. Constructed with the highest-quality American-made resin available, the incredibly sturdy deck design allows you to stand up and fish with confidence. Our seats are hand-made in the U.S.A and are so comfortable, you'll be taking it out of the boat to sit around the fire. Looking to sit a little higher? There is plenty of room for your favorite cooler to use as a perch. 



We teamed up with the folks at YakAttack to ensure that our boats are fully equipped with the best mounting systems and offer anglers the most amount of customization options possible. Two Gear Tracks along the cockpit offer close and convenient mounting options for gear. Two Mighty Mounts behind the seat are perfect for rod holders and trolling. The two Gear Tracks in the back allow for customizable storage options. Anglers also have the option to mount a trolling motor or power pole on the transom.

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